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At FSE, our Process Safety Management (PSM) and Operational Risk Management (ORM) solutions are based on
over 30 years of our real-world experience in managing hazards at our own facilities and those of our clients around
the world. In addition to managing process safety for more than 50 separate businesses within FSE, our experience
comes from working with countless clients across many industries including oil and gas, mining and metals,
chemicals and manufacturing, in all regions of the world.


Fire & Gas Mapping:

Fire and Gas Detection systems should play a crucial role in Loss Prevention on many sites. Formal Safety
Assessments such as Quantified Risk Assessments (QRA) often assume that Fire and Gas Detection Systems will
reduce risks, yet it is often difficult to quantify the parameters involved and there is little guidance to define required
performance or to relate achieved performance to safety requirements.
Detection Mapping techniques provide a means to assess the suitability of Fire and Gas detection systems on
hazardous process sites. The techniques use “idealized” Fire and Gas scenarios and a simple computer model of the
site or site zone under consideration. The techniques deployed may be used to indicate the compliance or
Shortfall of a detection system to previously agreed detection strategies. Where shortfall occurs, the techniques may
also be used to suggest additional detector locations to achieve the necessary compliance.

FSE Process Safety Management Consulting:

Drawing on over 30 years of experience gained from working with clients around the world and by adapting DuPont
best practices, our consultants assist our clients in managing their operational risks to prevent process related injuries
and incidents.

Our Methodology:

Our services focus on helping your organization achieves sustainable improvements in leadership, management,
organizational structure, and skills development. Our consultants customize solutions based on your needs and build
on what exists within your organization to help prevent safety and environmental incidents, to preserve your business
continuity, capitalization and right to operate, and — most importantly — to protect precious lives. Productivity,
reliability and quality improve, and significant direct and indirect costs of safety incidents can be avoided.

Our Services: